Our customers rave about their levelwinds, and for good reason. Maritime Fab levelwinds have earned the reputation of being the strongest, most compact and best performing on the market. The soft-shift reversing valve coupled with the adjustable flow control valve (automatic version), performs the function of spooling your net evenly without so much as an afterthought on your part.

Maritime Fab's Square Tube Design

Our square tube design is stronger and more rigid than round styles common with other brands, and can still be set over if desired. The standard pivot pin makes swinging the levelwind out of the way a breeze, leaving the drum open for those high-speed, line sets.

Maintenance for Maritime Fab Levelwinds

Maintenance on a Maritime Fab levelwind is about as straightforward as it gets. Slider bushings are a self-lubricating UHMW sheet material. Replacing them is a matter of removing a few bolts to access, which can easily be done with the levelwind still mounted to the drum (you don’t even need to disconnect the chain)! No longer does your levelwind need to be removed and taken to a machine shop to service these bushings (though we are happy to perform this task for you).

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Each levelwind is custom built to your drum width, diameter and drum drive side configuration. If you prefer to maintain manual control over your levelwind, we can provide this option too. Please see our levelwind application sheet to guide you through the process of getting us the information we need to build your levelwind, and become one of the many satisfied Maritime Fab levelwind customers!

  • Automatic, soft-shift reversing valve
  • Pre-plumbed stainless steel tubing between motor and reversing valve
  • Reduce hydraulic valves needed in system
  • Levelwind operates when drum is under power; stops when drum stops
  • Flow control synchronizes speed with drum RPM (flow control sold separately)
  • Double pivot for easy storage when setting
  • Heavy-duty SQUARE TUBE design
  • Stainless steel #50 chain
  • Lubrication-free UHMW bushings are serviceable without removing
  • levelwind
  • Easy chain adjustment
  • Sized to fit your drum
  • Compact and net-friendly valve spool/sprocket cover for safety and reduced exposure to elements
  • Bowser Pivot: levelwind rotates horizontally, allowing single-person operation to move levelwind from setting to picking position