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Commercial Fishing Vessels

Crafting Quality Vessels for Diverse Fisheries

We offer both fiberglass and aluminum construction, with fiberglass being our primary material. Our construction methods consist of solid, hand-laid fiberglass lamination in the hull, and composite core used throughout the boat in bulkheads and decks, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Fiberglass Construction

Aluminum Construction

Seamless Craftsmanship: Our Vessels, Your Success

Maritime Fabrications has experience building vessels for a variety of fisheries. These vessels can be found along the west coast from California to Alaska fishing for salmon, crab and other species. Our 32’x14’, 39’x14’ or 49’x18’ models feature proven hull designs from successful pacific northwest naval architect Lynn Senour, and our Buffalo Boat model has a long and proven pedigree of inland and coastal Dungeness crab fishing.

Quality Vessel Maintenance

Our primary focus is on service and repair of vessels, but if you are in the market for a new vessel and would like to explore options, please contact us.

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